Customer Case Study

Volvo Car Group

The Volvo Car Group's global success is driven by making life less complicated for people, while strengthening their commitment to safety and the environment. Today, Volvo is one of the most well-known and respected car brands in the world with sales in about 100 countries. They wanted to reduce the cost of their existing PDF solution and to simplify the license model. They required a single, easy to deploy PDF solution that they can standardize across all their business units, including the design, manufacturing, finance, marketing, and sales organizations.
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Legal Industry Enjoys Freedom from Paper

Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP, an international law firm, routinely deals with a high inflow of large documents that range from hundreds to thousands of pages long. The overwhelming volume of these files prevented easy and efficient remote access, as downloading documents offsite would take an impracticably long amount of time.
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Global Law Firm Resolves Firm-Wide Bottleneck and Increases Business Efficiency

A prestigious global law firm in the United States needed to overcome the various challenges associated with handling high volumes of documents. They were using batch processing with a competing OCR product that limited the processing of documents to one at time.
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Chase Bank

Chase Bank, one of the top five global financial firms in the United States needed to overcome the various challenges associated with high volume scanning. The firm was fully satisfied using OpenText Captiva to transform paper into business-ready content but several inefficiencies remained for their end-users who worked with the scanned images. Based on their high volume of mortgage documents, one of the biggest challenges the firm faced was high storage and back-up costs.
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IMA Financial

Transitioning into a paperless office and working with digital documents is always easier said than done. A lot of times companies struggle to find the right solution to manage their workflow and allow them to properly work on their digital files. Our partner IMA Financial was one of those companies that were looking for a way to reduce the amount of applications they were using. They found Foxit’s PDF technology as the best solution to standardize their digital document workflows, while saving them time and money costs. In this case study, learn why IMA Financial chose Foxit over four other PDF editors as their platform of choice.
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As a leading engineering company in the fields of consulting, project management, and construction supervision, Voessing has been implementing infrastructure projects of all sizes for 40 years. With more than 600 employees, Voessing manages projects from conception to completion at more than 20 locations in Germany and abroad. Therefore, a well-connected IT infrastructure is of great importance to the company. Almost all documents are converted to PDF before being merged to the final digital project document. Voessing has been using Foxit PhantomPDF Business for over seven years now und is happy with the decision.
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Since 1898, the Lavan name has been synonymous with one of Western Australia’s most distinguished legal families and the independent law firm they created. The Perth-based firm offers specialised knowledge, local networks and firsthand understanding of the Western Australian business community to its clients. Like most law firms, Lavan’s legal specialists handle large numbers of documents every day, and in the digital age this means a PDF editor is one of their go-to tools.
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John O’Brien

John O’Brien & Associates, a law firm with a large clientele throughout Australia, was facing difficulties and unacceptable delays in processing legal documents for e-discovery and court submission due to often huge file sizes. These documents were often scanned and emailed from other lawyers and clients in multiple segments because their file sizes were too large to be sent as a single attachment. This made it challenging to manage discovery documents and comply with mandatory uploading requirements of critical submissions to court portals.
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Microform Imaging Limited, one of the most comprehensive scanning service providers in the United Kingdom, has completed a flagship project with the help of the PDF Compressor from Foxit Software: the website for the British Online Archive (BOA). BOA is home to nearly 4 million data sets from private and public archives which librarians, professors, students and researchers of the humanities and can use to learn about over 1,000 years of world history. Many of these documents were created by Microform using the Foxit PDF Compressor.
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General Electric

A global leader in power generation needed to overcome the challenge of ineff­icient access associated with large PDF file sizes. Rooted in their high volume of design drawings, manuals and other image-based documents, General Electric faced heavy delays from long file download times as well as high bandwidth and storage costs. A substantial amount of time was lost daily as users at power plant sites around the world waited for crucial PDF documents to arrive over the network. Before utilizing Foxit’s Image Optimization for Documentum, accessing these documents over this period of time was frustratingly slow and costly to access and store.
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Law Firm Boosts Efficiency with 5x Faster Mortgage Loan OCRing

Korein Tillery, a plaintiff law firm with offices in St. Louis and Chicago, was struggling to process large mortgage loan files of 100-10,000 pages each. The previous process for making their documents text-searchable was incredibly slow and subject to significant system crashes, forcing the Director of Litigation Support to spend hundreds of hours each year monitoring and troubleshooting the OCR process.
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Mother Lode Holding Company (MLHC)

Mother Lode Holding Company (MLHC) provides title insurance, escrow services and transaction support services to the nation's real estate industry. With the founding of its principal subsidiary, Placer Title Company in 1973, Mother Lode has since expanded outside of its original California market to provide title and title-related products and services throughout the United States.
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Cura Day Hospitals Group

Cura Day Hospitals Group was established in 2008 and has grown to become Australia's leading provider of day hospital facilities. They continually seek opportunities to expand the range of specialist services available for patients. At the same time, they take pride in providing a quality workplace for their surgeons, nurses, and support staff.
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Founded over one hundred years ago, Miele has established and maintained a reputation as a trusted supplier of premier domestic appliance and commercial equipment. The company’s motto is “Always Better”. Perhaps not surprisingly, therefore, Miele recently selected Foxit Software as its primary supplier of PDF software.
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Meredith Connell

Meredith Connell is New Zealand’s largest litigation firm, providing clients with advice and representation across more than 23 practice areas. Founded in 1922 and operating in Auckland and Wellington, the firm has experts adept at determining the best way to apply the law to any specific situation. The massive amounts of electronic litigation in PDF format handled across several different departments was impacting the firm’s productivity. Each legal expert needed the same PDF software to complete functions like hyperlinking and combining files, however only a few people had Adobe Acrobat licenses to do such things. That meant those few would catch all the work from other staff members needing their help, resulting in work stalling while court deadlines approached. Meredith Connell needed a better PDF solution to stay ahead of the law. It came in the form of Foxit PhantomPDF.
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Bavarian State Ministry of Justice

The Bavarian State Ministry of Justice implemented Foxit Software’s Rendition Server to convert around 10,000 documents per week into the PDF file format. With Rendition Server, the Ministry of Justice is able to convert scanned images in PDF/A, compress file sizes, and perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to ensure documents are unaltered, reduce storage space, make data transmission easier, and make the content searchable.
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The Debt Exchange

The Debt Exchange, a leading full-service loan sale advisor and exchange platform, faced high costs stemming from their largely manual document conversion processes. Based in Boston, MA, the financial services company had 25-50 employees working 8 hours per day to manually convert documents to searchable PDF files. At the time, they were running at least 25 separate Adobe Acrobat licenses to batch OCR and convert client contracts, payment histories, and legal documents to be placed on their loan exchange platform in a readable format.
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1st Summit Bank

Like any member of a growing institution, Joe Ivock, Data Center Officer, wears many hats. He runs all the computer systems and mainframe for 1st Summit Bank, while also handling everything from the Automated Clearing House (ACH) department to the imaging department.
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IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG

Almost all businesses use some form of PDF editor, and IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG is no exception. In 2011, the company switched from Adobe Acrobat to Foxit Software’s PhantomPDF, saving significantly on maintenance costs as a result. The software interface is also more closely aligned with Microsoft Office, which has pleased users.
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The Equitable Bank

Founded more than 90 years ago, The Equitable Bank is a premier residential real estate lender in Milwaukee. With six branches and 115 employees, it’s a full-service bank that prides itself on serving the community instead of stockholders. Being able to edit and share security reports, training documents and marketing materials quickly and easily is a priority for employees of the financial institution. And with cyber threats lurking—and bank auditors questioning security procedures—keeping files safe is mandatory. With Foxit PhantomPDF Business, the bank found just what it needed to remain competitive with larger banks, without having to make a major investment in software.
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Motor Presse Stuttgart

Motor Presse Stuttgart is well known in Germany as a provider of some of the best-known magazines on automobiles, motorbikes, air travel, utility vehicles, camping and caravanning, lifestyle and sports. One of its best-known media brands, “auto, motor und sport”, has been on the scene for over 65 years. The company now also uses PhantomPDF from Foxit Software to edit PDF documents. The user-friendly, instantly usable PDF solution serves approximately 650 users in Motor Presse Stuttgart GmbH & Co. KG and its associated company Rodale-MotorPresse GmbH & Co. KG, acting as a reliable tool for handling a wide range of office jobs.
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FHI 360

For four decades, FHI 360 has conducted research in everything from nutrition to technology to economic development, sharing its insights with communities it empowers to make meaningful changes. FHI 360 operates in more than 60 countries, including every state in the U.S. The nonprofit’s goal is to help individuals, families and communities help themselves through a variety of philanthropic initiatives. Keeping software costs down without giving up functionality is a key objective. So when it was time to consider a new PDF solution—and after reviewing a slew of options—FHI 360 chose Foxit PhantomPDF Business.
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Drees & Sommer

For more than 45 years, Drees & Sommer has supported public- and private-sector owners and investors in all aspects of real estate. Managed by partners and headquartered in Stuttgart, the company has 41 offices worldwide. The focus is always on profitability, whereby we promote sustainable building to the greatest possible degree. We call this approach ‘the blue way’. The construction and real estate experts always have the goal of producing measurable added value for the client. This could mean, for example, streamlining the implementation of a construction project, making the operation of a property more economical, or cutting energy costs through innovative concepts. Currently, the company with its approximately 2,150 employees is acting as an independent project manager for more than 960 construction and real estate projects.
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McKenzie Tank Lines

Established in 1944, McKenzie Tank Lines, Inc. (“MTL”) has grown from two tank trailers hauling petroleum products to a large diversified fleet of approximately 300 tractors and 900 tank trailers transporting chemicals, propane and petroleum products. Employing 400 drivers, mechanics and staff, MTL plans to add 200 to 300 more tank trailers in the next few years. Along with that expansion is a move to bring IT back in house after 15 years of outsourcing—a task that falls squarely to Heather Townsend, Director of Technology.
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City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County

Within its boundaries the City of Evansville contains nearly 121,000 of the more than 182,000 citizens that make Vanderburgh County, Indiana home, making the area the third largest district in Indiana. Keeping Evansville’s lifeblood flowing falls squarely on the government’s staff of 1,600. That’s why the city produces forms that utilize intelligent functionality brought about by advanced PDF features. The challenge? Only a very limited number of staff members had access to software licenses that enabled them to create PDF forms. Many staff members didn’t even know how to do so. Yet there was a growing push to continue to provide intelligence to the way the district works with its citizens and businesses.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC)

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) needed to find all relevant documents utilizing a search query based on text inside and across all files. These documents included complex PDF files - electronic, image, and hybrid documents. Generic OCR technology required the PDFs to be rendered to images and then re-OCR’d, losing critical information such as bookmarks, tables of contents and hyperlinks. The state government agency needed to ensure that all text within a document was indexed as well as preserve key PDF attributes in order to maintain the integrity of their vital documents.

The United States Food and Drug Administration

The United States Food and Drug Administration needed a solution to help manage the large volume of documents in its OpenText Documentum® repository. Their documents existed in many formats, which forced the agency to support multiple viewers in order to access all the diff­erent file types. In addition, the ability to search on documents in the repository was extremely limited since the documents were images with no searchable text, making it difficult and time-consuming to locate and retrieve specific documents.

Hargraves McConnell & Costigan

Hargraves McConnell & Costigan manages a high volume of paper-based documents on a daily basis. Their scanned documents are often large, preventing effective access and transmission. Additionally the documents are not searchable, necessitating long and costly processing. Locating text within multi-page image files was a time consuming and inefficient task. Although the firm had previously implemented their own OCR engine to remedy the issue, they found that the engine would crash when processing larger files. It took 8 hours to process a batch of files and required employees to wait all day for the job to finish. This prompted the firm to look for an OCR solution that could quickly and reliably handle large volumes of documents.
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State of Hawaii Department of Taxation

Ask most people what comes to mind when they think of Hawaii and it’s likely to be palm trees, sandy beaches and sun. But Hawaii is also a highly entrepreneurial state populated with many small businesses and a lot of rental properties. So it’s no wonder that the State of Hawaii Department of Taxation processes over a million tax forms each year. Which is why the staff­ were interested in anything they could do to speed up processing time and cut down on errors caused by manual data entry or scanning. They turned to Ultraforms® technology by Foxit to add the automatic data-capturing and accuracy of 2D barcodes to their highest volume tax forms.

Ludwigsburg Savings Bank

With a balance sheet total in excess of nine billion euros, the Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg is the second largest savings bank of its kind in Germany. Working closely with private customers, corporate clients and municipalities in the Ludwigsburg district has built them into an organization with account deposits of more than 5.9 billion euros, an asset portfolio of 4.3 billion euros and nearly 770,000 customer accounts.
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City of Erlangen

Residents of Erlangen, Germany, are quite Internet savvy. More than 70 percent of residents have Internet access –above the average of just 66% for the entire country – and they expect their city government to offer comprehensive online services. To meet its constituents’ needs, the city established its eGovernment Center in early 2002 in part to support electronic processing of documents. The employees of the eGovernment Center are responsible for planning and implementing e-government projects, including infrastructure projects such as a geographic information system (GIS), document management, forms servers and a virtual mail room.
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Techinker Krankenkasse

First, customers apply for the TK's bonus programme and record their participation in healthy activities in their bonus booklets. These include early-warning and pre-emptive checkups, health courses and sports activities. There are four different bonus booklets depending on age group: up to 14 years, 15 to 24 years, 25 to 49 years and 50+ years. Depending on the number of activities completed, customers can receive three tiers of cash reward.
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With more than six million insured persons, DAK-Gesundheit is one of the leading German health insurance companies. Incoming mail is digitized in so-called DigiCenters located in Berlin, Essen and Hamburg. As of today, 80% of DAK-Gesundheit's incoming mail is digitally processed. These primarily include certificates of incapacity for work, treatment and cost plans, payment slips for sickness benefits and applications of any kind. The three locations process an average of 90,000 mail items every day. The data of approximately one third of the mail items is automatically read out via OCR/ICR and processed further.
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First American Bank

First American Bank is an Illinois-chartered, privately held, full-service bank with nearly 50 Chicago area locations and more than $2.5 billion in assets. They required a full functioned, secure PDF solution to implement paperless office workflows, allowing them to easily create, organize, combine, and email PDF packages to their customers. They also required the solution to perform well in their Citrix environment.

Goodfellow Brothers

Goodfellow Brothers Inc. (GBI) is a family-owned business with more than 90 years of experience in the construction industry. GBI was searching for a high performance PDF solution that automated their business processes to efficiently implement their paperless office workflows, such as scanning, creating, modifying, organizing, and compressing PDF documents. They also needed to reduce their overall operation costs.


loomion's flagship product, loomion twelve, is a solution that allows board members to easily access relevant information in a secure environment. loomion required a rich-feature PDF Software Development Kit that could easily integrate with twelve to provide a powerful and high performance environment to view and annotate PDF documents.
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The Simons Firm

The Simons Firm, LLP, provides sophisticated legal representation for local and national clients throughout New Mexico. As an attorney firm, working with PDF isn't a convenience, it is a necessity. The Simons Law Firm required an efficient content management PDF solution for scanning, converting, combining, commenting (annotating), protecting, and redacting their legal PDF documents.
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Voice Dream

The Voice Dream Reader is a text to speech mobile app that lets people listen to PDF documents, eBooks, Web pages and a slew of other document formats. As the app was gaining popularity, users started requesting more features. “I choose Foxit since it worked, was affordable, and uniquely accommodated to my business needs and business model. Foxit provided more sophisticated technology that enabled me to do things the others could not.” said Winston Chen, founder at Voice Dream. 
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West Linn

The City of West Linn provides needed services, utilities, and infrastructure to the citizens of West Linn, Oregon. The Information Technology (IT) department started a new project to replace all of their existing PCs, which required replacing existing PDF licenses that were tied to the old PCs. They required an alternative PDF solution that is cost effective and provides a balance of features, quality, and price to standardize on a single solution. This solution had to deliver on the organization's goal to automate their process and document management to become a paperless office.

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